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Hey! I'm Katie Hoke-Harrower & I am so grateful that you are here inquiring about how to make YOU feel your best & make your life in color way more efficient and effective!

My first memory of fashion was when I was 4 years old and I set up the Olivia Newton John  Greatest Hit Vol 2 Album on my Mom’s bathroom counter and attempted to recreate her hair, make up and outfit. Olivia’s cream off the shoulder sweater, feathered blonde hair and violet eyeshadow live “rent free” in my forever memory.

I use fashion as my “voice” every morning when I get excited to get ready.  I have always chosen my outfits to stand out in a crowd and  tell everyone around me who I am.  I have had a lot of hits and misses but I have learned from them all! 
My greatest joy has always been when I witness -  through my fashion risks - others are encouraged to do so too. Thus, others discovering the power in their own expression. 

I have been in the Beauty Industry for 19+ years as a Hairstylist, Educator, Colorist, and Salon Owner. I have had the privilege to teach the Law of Color in 1500+ salons and Beauty Schools all over the United States while working for Paul Mitchell and their color line. 

Along with owning & being a stylist at Hank & Ax A Salon, I am a mother of two boys - Henry & Axel, a wife of 20+ years to my husband Ray, an avid studier of poetry, interior design, art & history. You can always find me taking a moment to watch a documentary about a fashion designer or artist when I force myself to “sit down” or at least once a week “running errands” to the nearest thrift store or women owned boutique. 

I’m not much of a small talker because I like to cut right to the chase, make people feel comfortable, and enjoy & celebrate the wonderful person you are. I won’t talk about the weather but I will always ask questions like “who is your style icon?”, “what is your favorite music group?” And “If you had a whole day off with no responsibilities or obligations to anyone - what would you do?”

I love the unique details, I find more beauty in the little things & I love watching individuals celebrate their own special spirits. That's why I love House Of Colour - it’s an inclusive movement.  It is a curated method so that every person can discover the beauty in themselves. I am beyond excited to share this knowledge with you in my Downtown Omaha Studio! 

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